Allied Health Directory

Podiatrist (C.Q. foot clinic)
Andrew Crutch - holds his clinics at the Moura Blue Care Offices.
Ph: (07) 4928 0913
2/160 High st
North Rockhampton Qld 4701
Podiatrists are specially trained in the use of a variety of techniques to address problems of the feet and lower leg, to minimize pain and to prevent the loss of function of any part of the foot. Podiatrists treat a wide variety of foot and lower leg problems for children, teenagers and adults. We can help with general foot and nail care, diabetes affecting the feet, walking difficulties, sports related injuries, ingrown toenails and arthritic foot complaints. Podiatrists are also familiar with all available treatment options to determine if conservative treatment is appropriate or when surgery is necessary.

Social Worker
Social workers provide information, counselling, emotional and practical support. They operate as members of the multidisciplinary health care team that provide services in a broad variety of areas, but their primary concern is to address the social and psychological factors that surround patients’ physical and/or medical presentations.

Diabetes Educator
Lisa Grice
Visits Monthly. Appointments are made with Reception Staff.

Dietitian (There4U)
Mitch King
48 Grevillea Street
Biloela  QLD  4718
Ph: (07) 4924 9700
Fax: (07) 4927 8642

Visits the Moura Dawson Medical Practice Monthly - usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
A referral letter is required and you can obtain one of these from your GP.

Moura Hospital
Ph: 4997 2900
A physiotherapist is a health professional who provides treatment for people with physical problems caused by injury, illness, diseases and ageing. Physiotherapists use a range of treatments including mobilisation and manipulation of joints, massage, therapeutic exercise, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy to reduce pain, restore function and improve an individual’s quality of life.

Moura Pharmacy
Marshall St, Moura QLD 4718
ph: (07) 4997 1476

Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing, preparing and providing advice on the proper use of prescription drugs or over the counter medications. As the medicines expert of the patient-care team, Pharmacists contribute to decisions about patients’ treatment. Pharmacists advise people, including health professionals, about medicines, provide primary healthcare advice and support, and educate customers on health promotion, disease prevention and the proper use of medicines
Home Medication Reviews
Biloela Amcal Pharmacy
Ph: 4992 1222


Anglicare Central Queensland
Anglicare Central Queensland exists so that families and individuals live life to their fullest potential in their communities. Services Include: Individual and Family Support Program, Counselling, Emergency Relief. Lifestyle Support Options - disability support program.
Phone: 07 4997 3473
Fax: 07 4997 2233
Street Address: Pharmacy Building, Marshall Street Moura QLD 4718

Blue Care Moura
Services include Respite Care and Day Respite Centre. Blue Care is a mission of the Uniting Church. Nursing care provided for people of all ages at home, place of employment or school. Services include: home nursing, palliative care and support services, veterans care, continence advice, community care packages, medical equipment hire, ordering of medical aids, support to carers and family members, teaching self-care to clients and families, podiatry service and centre based respite.
Meals on Wheels

Phone: 07 4997 1934 
Fax: 07 4997 1386
Street Address: “Tanderra”, 22 Shirley Street, Moura
Postal Address: PO Box 153, Moura QLD 4718